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My name is Heather Steele and I truly understand the frustrations of weight loss and weight gain. Before I started ALL STEELE FITNESS I was just another overweight mom who gained and lost weight. The frustrating part for me was that I had been active my entire life playing sports and exercising, so weight gain was foreign to me. But like many of us, life changes as we get older, start a career, and start a family. And as a mom, we tend to put our needs last in order to tackle everything else – and the most important element we leave out is exercise.

So, I decided enough is enough and started training and building a program that worked for me; one that I knew I could fit in my busy schedule, one I would enjoy and be successful with. I became a trainer in 2004 and nationally certified through NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine) and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). My fitness career started as a trainer at one of the big box gyms. This was great for a while but I wanted an opportunity to provide more to my clients and that’s how ALL STEELE FITNESS came to fruition. I can continue on about me but that’s not what you’re here for.

My guess is you are on this site because you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and want to get that lean, sexy, smoking hot body.But wait, before we get into the goodies about the awesome program at ALL STEELE FITNESS I want to introduce you to my partner and amazing trainer Chance Allard. Chance graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, while playing football for the Redbirds and is nationally certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Chance fell in love with the sports, health, and fitness world from a young age while playing a variety of sports.  But is it also sports that caused him to be sidelined, not once, but twice when he tore his ACL in both knees within a two year time frame. The second tear unfortunately ended his football career. You can only imagine the frustration Chance felt.

After his first tear Chance went from a lean 215lbs to 280lbs in just eight months (that’s a 65lb weight gain). Once the injury healed he was back on the field again and played two seasons until it happened again – he tore the ACL in his right knee, but this one ended his career.

You see, Chance is no different than many others who face unforeseen challenges. He became depressed, couldn’t exercise and couldn’t play sports, which resulted in weight gain AGAIN. Chance hit the 300 pound mark on the scale!

Graduating college as an obese individual with his education and athletic background made Chance realize “being healthy and fit doesn’t have to be just about sports and performance.” He had all this training and experience and wanted to do something remarkable with it. It is this passion for health and fitness and for helping others that makes Chance such an amazing partner, trainer and individual. Chance takes pride in the lives he positively affects and enjoys seeing clients’ excitement when they have reached their weight loss goals.

Ok, so enough about us. We’re here to help you feel great about YOU. Don’t just take my word for it; take a look at what others have achieved with our amazing program.



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Jason H. lost over 12% body Fat!

At ALL STEELE FITNESS you can expect to perform exercises that burn a ton of fat and target those areas most of us dread – you know, flabby arms, saggy butt, and those squishy love handles! The secret to ALL STEELE FITNESS and its weight loss program is not only in the actual exercises but in the way they are strategically placed and used in the routine.

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Then The ALL STEEELE FITNESS Workout Is For You!

Our cutting edge program focuses on short, fast paced workouts designed to deliver maximum calorie burning performance. We use metabolic fat blasting exercises that produce killer results fast!   And time cannot be an excuse not to join because we get you in and out in less than an hour.

Then stop procrastinating and making excuses. I understand you’re tired and feel you don’t have the time to workout, but that’s why ALL STEEELE FITNESS is right for you – You DON’T have to spend countless hours in a gym to get the body you desire.  Our schedule is flexible, sessions are one hour max, and you only have to attend three days a week to see amazing results! People have lost more weight than they thought they ever could with our program. Some people blame things on “genetics” and think “because of my ‘genetics’ I will never get fit.” Let us prove you wrong – together we can sculpt the body you want.

You don’t have to figure out what exercise to do in order to flatten your tummy or tone your butt – We Do That For You. You don’t have to figure out the best nutrition plan that works hand in hand with your fitness goals – We Do That For You Too.

This really is a GREAT opportunity to Get Fit, Lean, and Sexy!

AND…It’s RISK FREE – Try it out for 30 days and if you’re not losing weight and getting fit then we’ll give you your money back – GUARANTEED!

Look, the excuses have to stop. It’s important to take care of YOU so you can enjoy life, today and tomorrow. If you want to be around for your kids or your grandkids or maybe you just want a Smoking Hot Body to show off then you need to exercise. Whatever your reason for being here you need to ACT NOW! We all know what happens when we “wait until tomorrow” – tomorrow gets pushed to the next and the next and never happens. You end up still wanting to lose weight and frustrated because you haven’t. Why wait to start “tomorrow” or to start “next week” when you can be a few pounds lighter by next week when you start TODAY. Seriously, start today and you’ll feel a difference by next week.

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Still not convinced? Take a look at what ALL STEELE FITNESS has done for our clients.

Billie K. lost 30 pounds!

We are so confident in our program that we are offering a FREE Consultation and One FREE Training Session, a $247 Value so you can check it out for yourself.

To claim your spot, simply call us at (510) 861-4516 and leave the rest to us.

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OR…Take Action and Discover What a Lean, Toned, and Sexy Body is All About!


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Committed to your fitness success,

Heather Steele

Chance Allard

P.S. Remember, there is no risk on your part. You are backed by our Risk Free Guarantee. If in 30 days you’re not satisfied and not losing weight, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

P.P.S. The choice is yours. You can continue to be overweight or you can choose to be a part of ALL STEELE FITNESS and start burning calories, losing inches, and feeling great.

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