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I just completed my first week of virtual training with Heather and it has been a welcome addition to my quarantine routine. I get to socialize and workout all in one setting. The daily workouts allow you to add structure to your day/
Going to All Steele Fitness after teaching a classroom of third graders all day has been a welcome necessity for me during the past 4 years. It has been a safe haven for me to release stress and anxiety after a long day. I enjoy the trainers, my gym mates, and the sense of familiarity and family I have developed with everyone there over the years. Going into quarantine filled me with a sense of dread, as it did for many, at the realization that my life would be disrupted, but Heather has helped restore some of the normalcy back into my daily routine. She has been generously designing workouts that fit my needs (I live in a second story apartment!) and incorporates what equipment I have at home. She offers classes over Zoom that have helped me stay on track and keep me moving during a time where it’s easy to sit on a couch all day long. I am definitely sweaty at the end of every workout and I feel an improvement in my mood immediately afterwards. If you’re in need of something to keep you moving and fit or just something to boost your mood, you should definitely join Heather’s virtual classes!
Stephanie Pires
I was hesitant at first about coming here. It honestly was the best decision I've ever made. I started in 2014 and wouldn't go anywhere else. Heather is so positive and motivates you to achieve your goals and then some! She even trained me while I was pregnant! She's very knowledgable and I never felt nervous! Even with this shelter in place I get an awesome workout at home via zoom! I sweat and burn calories just as much as I do there. If you're looking for an awesome trainer and gym look no further! Don't wait for tomorrow start today!
Marissa Utsurogi
The virtual training with Heather during the "Shelter-in-place" re just what I need. Having her present via ZOOM helps keep me on track and I push myself more than when I try to workout by myself. She individualized several warm ups and workout routines based on the litle equipment I have at home. I'm grateful for the continued gym support. After a workout, I always feel less stressed and in a better mood. Thanks, All Steele Fitness!
When it comes to exercise if isn't built into my day somehow (walk, commute) I've found it difficult to keep on a routine. The ZOOM virtual trainings have been the best during this "Shelter in Place" ! We still get the same quality workout tailored to our goals and abilities as we do when in the gym. Even without the heavy equipment! Heather asked for a list of what I had at home like bands, stability ball, etc and designed an effective workout plan.
Mike McKaigg
I was thrilled when Heather started offering classes by Zoom. After the first one, my body buzzed all day with energy. I love that she sent the workouts ahead and then watched to make sure I was doing them correctly. She definitely cares about her clients!
Constance Chapman