You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined

What happens when there is no motivation?

When you just don’t have the drive or want to get up and make things happen.

Keep things simple.

Make things happen anyway.

Whether you want to or not.

Had a great discussion with an awesome trainer about dedication and how important it is to understand what that means to each one of us.

We all have those days we wake up and want to change the world and get every single thing knocked off our to-do lists etc.

But we all have those days that we want to climb back into bed and let the sun rise and set without us.

I like to look at motivation as more of a feeling and feelings don’t stick around long.

Dedication and discipline are beyond the feelings. They are drilled into us and we chose to make things happen because we know the greater purpose.

That purpose, or goal is greater then feelings, motivation, that can come and go based on which side of the bed we wake up on.

I’m honestly writing about this as I struggle myself with being motivated and being disciplined!

But this email I am writing is actually steps towards understanding and learning to be disciplined.

Monday Motivation has come and gone.

How bout a little Disciplined Tuesday!!

GO out and make it happen, whether you ‘feel like it’ or not!

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