45 lbs in 4 months

Bosu ball exercises that’ll whip your entire body into shape. The bosu ball can make your favorite exercises much more challenging (Planks, Burpees, Lunges, Jack, Mountain Climber, etc)


Bous Jacks, Kickbacks, Cross Country

The Bosu ball is a great exercise tool to help improve your strength and stability.

Bosu Core Workouts

Heater and Chance from All Steele Fitness demonstrating Bosu core workouts “Plank with Alternating Knees In, Crunch with Rotation, Plank Circuit, Holding Twist, Bridge”

Bosu Lower Body Workouts

vHeater and Chance from All Steele Fitness demonstrating Bosu lower body workout “Squat, Jogs, Split Squat, Over the Top, Single Leg Squat, Jump”

Bosu Slider Spiderman

Bodyweight exercise that works mainly the core and the upper body.

Bosu Mountain Climber with Band

Bosu Mountain Climber with Band targets abs and obliques. It also involves chest, shoulder, and tricep.

Bosu Spiderman with Band

Bodyweight exercise that works mainly the core and the upper body.

I appreciate the special care I get when I work out with Heather and Chance at All Steel Fitness. I am struggling with some new health issues and I am able to be a part of Group Training and do some low impact exercises in a group with others doing high impact exercises. They always have special exercises for me to do, and each time I go I feel better and better. Group Training is fun with a perfect schedule so no matter how busy your life is you have a chance to show up and be a part of a fun group. I know I cannot do this Alone. ❤️ I Love Group Training ❤️
Ramona Quinones
Heather was recommended to me by my cousin since I’ve been looking for a place to work out primarily over the weekend that’s closer to home. I’m not here bc I want to lose weight, I came to maintain/tone up since I run as a hobby. Heather went above and beyond by letting me try out a class to see if this was something that would fit into my normal workout routine. Even though these are circuit classes, she provides individual attention as much as possible. I highly recommend coming here!  Even when it’s cold out, a work out makes me feel great! I dread walking outside but all I have to do it blast the heat in the car. Getting to the car is the hardest part. Thank you Heather for pushing and teaching me new workouts! I have arm muscles now lol 
Sharon Cheung
  1. I decided to join All Steele Fitness after my cousin brought me in for a trial day. At the time I was working out at my work's gym on the weekdays and I wanted to have something on the weekends. All Steele Fitness was close to home and I really enjoyed my trial day.
  2. I've never participated in a fitness program before so I didn't have expectations but Heather really blew my mind. She's very observant and will be able to help you strengthen your weaker areas.
  3. I definitely have seen an increase in arm strength. I'm a runner so my leg muscles are more developed than my arms and with Heather, I went from using 8lb dumbbells for the heavier stuff to 20lb dumbbells!
  4. Even though there is a set warmup and workout during the classes, there are always beginner-intermediate-advanced versions. Heather is able to provide proper guidance to which level you can start and finish your sets off in, When I encounter a new routine that I am unfamiliar with, Heather starts me off in the beginner level so I can get used to the workout in the first set. After that, I am usually able to move to the intermediate level. Sometimes I wont do certain workouts since they are too advanced or if I'm trying to focus on another part of my body, Heather will advise me what I can do in place of what is written in the workout for the day.
  5. Just try it. You have nothing to lose but weight. Heather is a fantastic person and an even better trainer. She is willing to work with you to ensure you reach your goals.
Sharon Cheung
This gym has me super motivated to impove my health! The trainers are invested in showing you the correct ways to workout! Small groups make it easy to follow the routine. Heather and Chance are able to take the time to work with you as you get through the workout! You never guess that 1 hour would fly by so fast! Today I am 13 lbs down, feel great about myself and super motivated to keep it going! Great place to get healthy.
Daniel Castro
I've been working out here for three weeks and following the nutrition plan for just about two weeks, and I've lost 13 pounds!!! Chance and heather are absolutely amazing! Workouts are challenging and never boring! When's somethings a little too difficult for my CURRENT fitness level there's a modification so you're still working the same muscle group. Heather and Chance are both very knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge with everyone who wants to learn! They are both so passionate about what they do, and helping people make changes to get heathy and strong! Best thing I've done in a VERY long time for myself was walk through their doors and become a part of this fitness family at All Steele Fitness! HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking this place out! There's nothing like it! I honestly LOOK FORWARD to working out everyday!
Desiree Yanik
JackieJackie Silva
It's never too late to feel great!
I came to All Steele Fitness for a life changing experience.
I knew I would have to change my diet my way of thinking and work hard. I did and it has been the best decision I've ever made Thank you Heather for helping me on this journey to a Healthy life style.
I went from a size 22-24 to 16-18 in less than a year with hard work and dedication and you can do it too!
Heather and Chance are great. I'm a newbie and they are willing to take the time and show you how to do it right. You know they are always going to be in your corner! Great facility as well!
Tracy Mettier-Watson
The owners are fantastic. They’re very encouraging and work right along side of you. This place is super accommodating offers lots of class options as well as private training. They have a comprehensive meal plan and are always available for consult and support. I’ve lost 5 lbs and the difference in how I feel is astounding. I have some knee issues that have all but disappeared. Heather chance and staff are very capable of accommodating special needs. My life has become much more manageable is the exercise and self care department due in large part too all Steele fitness. Thank you.
Jaime McColley
The virtual training with Heather during the "Shelter-in-place" re just what I need. Having her present via ZOOM helps keep me on track and I push myself more than when I try to workout by myself. She individualized several warm ups and workout routines based on the litle equipment I have at home. I'm grateful for the continued gym support. After a workout, I always feel less stressed and in a better mood. Thanks, All Steele Fitness!
When it comes to exercise if isn't built into my day somehow (walk, commute) I've found it difficult to keep on a routine. The ZOOM virtual trainings have been the best during this "Shelter in Place" ! We still get the same quality workout tailored to our goals and abilities as we do when in the gym. Even without the heavy equipment! Heather asked for a list of what I had at home like bands, stability ball, etc and designed an effective workout plan.
Mike McKaigg
I was thrilled when Heather started offering classes by Zoom. After the first one, my body buzzed all day with energy. I love that she sent the workouts ahead and then watched to make sure I was doing them correctly. She definitely cares about her clients!
Constance Chapman
I just completed my first week of virtual training with Heather and it has been a welcome addition to my quarantine routine. I get to socialize and workout all in one setting. The daily workouts allow you to add structure to your day/
It was great getting back into a workout program! Thanks Heather for making it happen virtually with limited home equipment! It was absolute killer!! Can’t wait for next time!
Elvira Andrade
Going to All Steele Fitness after teaching a classroom of third graders all day has been a welcome necessity for me during the past 4 years. It has been a safe haven for me to release stress and anxiety after a long day. I enjoy the trainers, my gym mates, and the sense of familiarity and family I have developed with everyone there over the years. Going into quarantine filled me with a sense of dread, as it did for many, at the realization that my life would be disrupted, but Heather has helped restore some of the normalcy back into my daily routine. She has been generously designing workouts that fit my needs (I live in a second story apartment!) and incorporates what equipment I have at home. She offers classes over Zoom that have helped me stay on track and keep me moving during a time where it’s easy to sit on a couch all day long. I am definitely sweaty at the end of every workout and I feel an improvement in my mood immediately afterwards. If you’re in need of something to keep you moving and fit or just something to boost your mood, you should definitely join Heather’s virtual classes!
Stephanie Pires
I was hesitant at first about coming here. It honestly was the best decision I've ever made. I started in 2014 and wouldn't go anywhere else. Heather is so positive and motivates you to achieve your goals and then some! She even trained me while I was pregnant! She's very knowledgable and I never felt nervous! Even with this shelter in place I get an awesome workout at home via zoom! I sweat and burn calories just as much as I do there. If you're looking for an awesome trainer and gym look no further! Don't wait for tomorrow start today!
Marissa Utsurogi
Lost over 40lbsKC
Lost over 40lbsLast month I decided I need to do something, my weight was at an all-time high after I quit smoking for about a year. After my initial research through yelp, facebook and google, I met with Heather at All Steele Fitness and started my training a few days after. Now, I feel more energized, healthier and leaner. I've lost 30lbs and inches in the first month! Want to achieve your fitness goals, toned abs and sinewy biceps, lose weight, be happier and healthier? I would highly recommend Heather to anyone!
Daniella Lost over 30 pounds in less than 4 monthsDaniella M.

Daniella Lost over 30 pounds in less than 4 monthsBest decision I ever made! I am a regular woman in my early 40s struggling with weight gain. The owners Heather and Chance are absolutely amazing. I joined this gym because I was gifted a month group training and the results were so great I couldn't help but invest in my future. Over the last few months I've lost 30lbs, went from a tight 14 to a size 8, I am watching my body transform into what I have dreamed of, and I feel absolutely FANTASTIC! If you are ready to make your dreams a reality I highly recommend All Steele Fitness. Absolutely the best decision of my life!

If you want instruction from people who actually practice what they preach, this is the place to go. They have great classes as well as semi private training. They really know their stuff. They will help with nutrition as well as exercise in a positive environment. If you are looking to actually see changes in your body and mindset, this is the place for YOU! Do it, you'll be happy you did. Holidays are approaching quickly and they have a great deal right now to get you started.

Michaela N.
super fun place to work out trainers are awesomesuper fun place to work out trainers are awesome and so are the people I work out with
Shawn Harris
This is my favorite place. Great trainers for group classes and personal training if you want a more personal workout. I've been here almost 5 years and Chance Heather, Glenn and the rest all make sure you are burning calories and building muscle and losing weight (if that's what you want) You can't go wrong by checking it out! 💓
Lisa Spiegel
This is my first week & the owner there is amazing! She really pushes you & genuinely cares about your weight loss goals. There devoted there to make sure you build muscle & loose weight for a happier, healthier lifestyle. She makes you feel very comfortable, wide range of machines & different workouts. Great group of people there.!
Angela Smith
BEST...GYM...EVER! It's not just about the workout, but believe me you'll get one of those, it's about the community involved with ASF. They cheer each other on to greatness. Every pound off, every new muscle discovered is celebrated by your new gym friends. I've recently moved and I've said this more than once, the one thing I'm truly sorry I had to leave behind was ASF...they rock!
Mary McDevitt
I love this gym and I love my trainer even more!Jade Davidson
I love this gym and I love my trainer even more!I love this gym and I love my trainer even more! She’s not only super motivating but she pushes you while also allowing you to go at your own pace! The energy is amazing, the people are friendly and very supportive to your goals and achievements!  You’ve got to give it a shot! Heathers your girl
I joined All Steele Fitness about a month ago. All my life I have been a self-motivator, but a few years ago I suffered a work injury which forced me into an early medical retirement. I went through a long phase where, I was simply “in-a-funk,” I was no longer active, or motivated, as I was unable to continue in my profession, or preform many activities I used to enjoy. But the time has come to pull myself up out of that ‘funk,’ so I sought assistance. While I am limited and not able to perform to my pre-injury levels, CHANCE and HEATHER have been nothing short of AWESOME! Their training styles compliment each other well. They are able to work with folks like myself who have limitations, and THEY WILL get the most out of you!! In the short time I have been a member I have seen positive results, along with feeling better mentally! If you’re looking for a great place and awesome “Community,” come on down, grab a 7 day pass and check out All STEELE FITNESS.
Brian Rankin
I have had a great experience working with Heather, she is my savior! I had some issues with my body, I had a injury from working and she has helped me for at least 10 years! She started me off modifying workouts for what my body could handle. Over the first year getting me stronger so that I could start doing yard work, around my yard. Which was very important to me. Then got me to the point where I was able to do a lot of the workouts that the rest of the class could do. My predominant workouts were In Pilates. I feel without Heather’s help who knows where or how I would feel today! Love you Heather, my savior!
Laurie Lara
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