So I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my new website. It is relatively simple, but my computer skills are well below par.


Frustration started kicking in early Monday morning and I had to stop and take a few deep breathes.

Then I remembered something I learned from Martin Rooney…please look him up if you have never heard of him, been following him for about as long as I have been a trainer, since 2006.

He talked about turning your frustration into fascination.

First, I didn’t really understand, but then it sank in.

It is very easy to get frustrated, like with this web stuff, but now I’m fascinated with it.

I get to change it up as much as I want, photos, backgrounds, content etc, without a web person! I have some learning to do, but nothing like the old website, that I had to pay 3 different people to change the background color and add some photos.

Give it a shot.

Sounds funny, but it definitely works!

Do you like push-ups?

Most of my clients don’t when they start with me, because they are hard, which can be frustrating.

But when they start to improve and realize they are better off putting more effort into them instead of avoiding them!

So get fascinated and get through the frustrations by getting better!

Fascinated with strength,


P.S. I’m never frustrated about celebrations! 6 YEARS! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Saturday March 24th at 12PM!

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