Hi this is Heather Steele from ALL STEELE FITNESS here in San Leandro. And I’m here today to talk a little bit about getting back to school. This is mostly for parents, grandparents and for friends of people that have kids, so basically that means all of us, right?
Its two simple things that I want to talk about today. #1 is going to be, get moving. You hear it all the time. Well what does that mean and how can I incorporate it in my life? I’m looking at getting back to school. Your kids are getting back to school, the weather’s still really nice, and there’s lots of sun. It’s really easy: walk with your kids to school, walk with your grandkids to school, get on a bike, bike with them to school. Not only will you get them moving but you’re going to get yourself moving. It may only be 10 minutes each way but that’s 20 minutes. You go there and you come back; that’s 20 maybe 40 minutes a day that you’re getting moving. That’s huge when we’ve been doing what, sitting around, vacationing all summer, like most of my clients, that’s what they’ve been doing. That’s #1.
Another way to also get moving is look for our park workout that’s going to be coming in September. What you can do is after school, take your kid to the park, 15-20 minutes that’s all you need. Take them to the park, bring a snack along for yourself and for them, do a little park workout, do it with them, get them moving also. Do something besides the hour a week that they get of P.E.; that’s not enough. Our workout’s going to come within the next 3 weeks you’re going to be getting it in your email. And at that point, take a look at it, take some notes, and then go to the park; you could even do the park at your kid’s school and utilize some of the fun things that are there and you guys do it together; it’s a huge bonding experience. We like to do that with our kids here too.
And the second thing is going to be getting back to your routine. You’re good healthy routine that you had before summer came along and ruined it all for us, right? What I mean by that is two things that you can get started with right away. #1, start preparing your meals. That means take a day of the week or two days of the week that you’re going to think about your meals for the week; lunch and dinner primarily. Prepare them, shop for them, have them ready, and put them in small packages in the fridge. At that point you just pull them out, their ready to go in the morning and then you have your snacks for the day. But the most important thing is you actually have to take them out of the fridge, pack them up and take them with you, whether you’re going to park, whether you’re going to work, whether you’re going for a walk with the dog, whatever it is. You need to have that snack ready for you; don’t be unprepared.
The last part of that, the most important thing that I want you guys to get from this video, is that you are number one. If you don’t take of yourself first and put yourself before work, before your kids, before your husband, before your wife, how are they going to be able to get the best of you if you’re not even doing the best for yourself? That’s what I want you to take out of this video is that now we’re back to school, they have their without you, you have your time without them, you can really get back to putting yourself first; or if you haven’t done it start doing it now. Every morning you wake up and you say: “I’m important”; “I am number one”; “In order for me to take care of my kids and family I need to put my needs first.” And I promise you, you won’t regret it.
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Thank you.