Hey everybody! This is Chance with All Steele Fitness, and today I am going to go over using a foam roller. We’ve done a few videos on it. Different things to do for range of motion. Today I want to pick out and do your, one that’s great for decreasing low back pain and helping increase range of motion in almost of your lower body exercises, and it’s a great one to start your workouts out with, and I will just go through how to foam roll it. So your glute, piriformis muscles, so your piriformis and your glute, and I will also talk about how to, actually show you, right into doing a static stretch with it as well. You’re going to want to do is get a foam roller now. I am using a black one which is a little more dense, you can get white ones in different densities and stuff like that. This one is good if you real tight muscles, but you need a little bit higher tolerance for pain, but it’s, it will work.
What you’re going to do is if you want to start, you actually just start by shifting over. I am going to start with my right side. I am going to lean over and actually roll back and forth, just doing the whole, the whole glute region, and I am going to go back and forth on it, nice and slow, and if I, just by sitting here and have any tender spots, I can kind of stop and stay on it and kind of work through the whole glute area. So the bottom of it to where you hamstring kind of attaches to the butt, to your glute, and then roll all the way down, and you can actually go down towards the back of the hip a little bit more into your lower back and just go back and forth and if you find anything tender, that’s great, and from here I am turning to more of the pirifromis, open up. I will take my right ankle and put it up on my left knee. Hold the support and brace my hand on the floor, and I will do the same thing. I will roll down to the side. I am actually leaning on the lean is up. The lean on that side, so my left glute isn’t even touching the roller. I am just going to roll back and forth nice and slow, and same thing as any other time you are doing foam roller. If you find a spot that’s pretty tender, you can actually stop and just roll around and move that one area a little bit if it’s really tender, and you can keep going back until you’re open up until again, towards the low back more and back up. So that would be using the foam roller. Now, it’s been no less than 30 seconds and up to a minute depending upon the amount of time that you have. I will do almost 30 seconds with my leg down. I will do almost 30 seconds with my leg up before I switch to the other side.
I am just going to demonstrate one side. From there, it’s great to follow up with foam rolling, sub-myofascial release, the massage side of it, with a static stretch. I will take the roller away, and I am going to go straight to the floor. I will lay down on my back, just relax, hands are out to the side. I’ll put the right angle again on the left knee, nice and slow from here, I am going to exhale, and lower my legs down to where my right foot is flat on the floor. I am going to breathe and relax. From here open it up through the lower back with my glute, piriformis muscle. Hands staying out. Both shoulders stay down. I am going to look across the right side in the opposite direction of the way I laid my legs, and I am just going to relax here a minimum of 30 seconds, again, it depends up on the amount of time that you have. If you can spend up to a minute, that’s great.
So that’s how you will do your foam rolling. You’ll use the foam roller for the glute and piriformis muscle and you go right into a static stretch for your piriformis muscle.
Thank you very much. Again, this is Chance for All Steele Fitness. Thank you.