Hi this is Heather Steele again here at ALL STEELE FITNESS and one of the other things my clients love to eat cannot do without right is a burger. Once and a while you want to have a burger when you go out to eat. So what I recommend when you are going out to eat and you’re craving a burger you really can’t do without it is look at the other options they have besides just the hamburger. So I’m here once again at Happy Grill on Wicks it’s right down the street I love walking here from work while I’m on my walk I’ll grab my lunch. So when I’m looking at the menu they have a garden burger, a turkey, and a chicken burger; that’s a huge choice selection. So the best selection when, you know, as far as calories, you really want to save your calories when you’re out, is a garden burger. It’s only 150 calories so you eat that with a half of bun maybe a side salad with light dressing or no dressing and you’re staying under 300 calories for your lunch while eating out. How amazing is that? The second choice would be the turkey burger which is my very favorite in the whole world. I love to have my turkey burger with just vegetables and some mustard. Now not everybody can stand not having some bread on there so take half the bun, you can even take the sesame part, which is really good, put that underneath and eat it as an open face sandwich so you only add about another 50 calories for that, when you’re looking at about only 250 calories, with your side salad adds about another 30. You’re still under 300 calories. And then the other choice is they do have a chicken burger. So for the chicken burger it’s 240 calories put a half a bun 290 and you’re still underneath your 300 calories for your lunch. Have some water or ice tea without the flavor and it’s a great lunch while you’re eating out. Everybody else is having burgers and feeling full and tired and you’re ready to go for your next workout.