Hi! How is it going? This is Heather from All Steele Fitness, and today I am going to show you how to use your foam roller, to roll your mid-back, upper back, and shoulders. This one we call the fun roll because there’s a little bit of pressure on there, but it’s not like painful whatsoever and it really, really releases all the tension that you have in your back and your neck from working hard, working out hard, and doing the things that we do staying busy every day. What I like to instruct my clients to do is go ahead and start right in the mid-back, you’re going to start with your feet and your butt on the ground. You’re going to go right to your mid-back, right at the top, or excuse me, in the bottom of your rib cage, but no really necessarily in your lower back and below right here. Put your hands behind your neck, supporting your neck and head, and then lift up your butt, and just walk out nice and slow and I like to lift my hips up. To get a little bit more pressure. All the way up. I get all the way up to the top of the shoulder. You can see right here, and if I open it up, I get all the way out to the sides of the traps, and as I come out, keep my body really, really flat and steady, breathe it out, come up a little bit as I need more pressure, and walk out, and you will hear little pops and stuff as you do that little crack such as your spine adjusting which is great, then you breathe it out. I like to do two or three times up and back first and then I am going to identify where I find some knots, little adhesions and things like that inside the fascia in there, and then what I am going to do is when I find that, then I will hold it there, do some breathing. You can also do a little bit of extra pressure on there or around your back. Either way, whatever you find that’s going to work for that area, and as you start working and you feel more comfortable being on here, you can start getting to the side, getting a little bit of your lats in there, watching out for the rib cage of course. You want to be real careful. Same thing with the other side, and then don’t forget to get way up to the top of the shoulders, you know squeeze your hands back if you’re okay with not supporting your neck, keeping your abs, glutes, hamstrings tight, toes are still on the floor, and that’s it. You find those knots, stay 30 seconds to a minute, and you can do this one every day. All right, take care, see us at AllSteeleFitness.com.