Hi! This is Heather and Chance from All Steele Fitness. Today we’re going to show you an at-home Bosu workout. It’s going to be for your core. So we’re going to demonstrate the exercises and kind of at the end I’ll tell you exactly how you’re going to piece those together, so make sure you grab your pen and a piece of paper and write down what we’re going to do, and let’s go ahead and get started.
So Chance, the first thing you’re going to do is get into a plank position with your hands on the Bosu, so you can put your hands nice and wide here like Chance, or you can actually put them flat on there depending on how you feel with your wrist. So Chance and I both like to kind of grab onto the outside and we have a little bit more grip on there.
Hip-width apart or a little bit wider with your feet depending on how used to you are planking on this Bosu, so if you’re new, you’re going to want to go nice and wide, you know, as you progress, you can go a little bit closer, so we’re going to start off with knees into the Bosu, so we’re going to alternate knees, so just bring your knee straight in, you’re going to hold it, and come back out. So you’re going to breathe in, and exhale, nice and slow, breathe it in, then exhale one more. So you’re going to do 15-20 depending on how man you can get through, and go ahead and pop up. So we’re starting off working the whole core and everything.
We’re going to flip the ball over, and we’re going to now sit on the ball if you can’t sit facing that way, and you want your lower back on the Bosu ball here protecting your lower back and your spine. We’re going to start with our hands behind our head, and we’re going to come up, and as we come up we’re going to twist to the side four times. One, two, three, and four, and go back nice and slow and come up. And hold it right here. One, two, three, and four. Let’s do one more. So notice his back is staying down here, and he’s not coming up so high that he’s not still feeling it. All the way back, and come all the way up. These also, 15-20 depending on how you feel with those. If they start to get too easy, all you want to do is scoot up a little bit higher on the ball, if they are too hard, you’re going scoot down a little bit lower, really, that’s all you want to do to progress or regress, all right?
Go ahead and flip over, all right, go back down and get back into the plank position. I have given his upper body a little rest by going and putting him on his back. What we’re going to do now is we’re going to alternate sides, and we’re going to go back with his weight. Go ahead and bend your left elbow here and keep your right elbow straight, and you’re going to, put the ball to side, as far to the side as you can go. Keep your body really, really steady. And come back up, and you’re going to go here now. If you can just bend your elbow, come back up. You want to keep your body as steady as possible, so you’re go to bend here. There you go, and then back up, and one more on the other side. So 12 times on each side. Keep it going, good, and now we’re going to bring it back, bring the Bosu ball back here, and you’re going to hold it here at 10 seconds, abs tight, drawn in, and glutes tight, 10, 9, 8, keep breathing, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 come up, and come up.
Working out a little bit of sweat. We’re going to do one more here for abs in our core. Go ahead and have a seat just about the same spot you did before.
Now all we’re going to do is twist alternating sides, so come to the spot where you feel the most in your abs, hands behind your head on your chest, wherever you feel the most comfortable, side to side, 20 times. That’s all you’re going to do, one, two, don’t even come up. Just come up a little bit higher, just twist. That’s all we’re going to do is twist. You’re going to do a total of 20 on here. Really make sure you feel it. If you feel it on your lower back, you’re going to drop down lower. If you don’t feel enough, you’re going to come up higher. All right, so that’s two on each, two planks, and two ab exercises, and we’re going to work a little bit on our lower back and glutes, so we’re going to do some bridges.
For the bridging I am actually going to have his feet on the ball as opposed to your upper body on the ball. So go ahead and lay down. He’s got some big feet, so he’s going to have a little problem to find out how these feet are going to go in here, but you want to go between the second and third circle on here. Don’t worry about that. I will take care of that for you. Put your feet here. Hands are going to be flat on the ground, and all we’re going to do is roll up one vertebrae at a time starting with his hips. Go ahead and roll up, hold it here, and chest is down and relaxed, breathe it out, squeeze the glutes, squeeze the hamstrings. And roll back down nice and slow, barely tap and then come right back up, keeping the chest far away, shoulders are down, and come back down nice and slow, and let’s do one more.