Morning Plank

I agree.

Somewhere out there someone is it worse off then you. I believe I am a positive person, optimistic etc.

But I do believe we have to embrace the sh*t we have to go through. You cannot down play your hard times.

They are YOURS.

Embrace them, go through them, feel that horrible pain, whatever it is.

Doubt, anxiety, depression, sadness etc.

Here is what makes the difference.

Let it make you stronger.

Grow with it and grow past it.

Only you can make that decision.

Of course someone has it worse then you.

Of course someone has it better then you.

In both of those circumstances, you are that someone to another person.

So get on with it.

The sun is going to set and once again rise tomorrow, whether you want it to or not.

I chose to rise with it.

Chance Allard

P.S. Sometimes you gotta rise before the sun!!

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