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I am not the best at taking care of my teeth, not the worst, but not the brush after eating and floss every hour type guy.

But I have an electric tooth brush, I floss occasionally and don’t do things to add to the decline in health of my teeth.

But no matter my efforts, this root canal is happening today, at 11am and no, I am not excited hahaha





This fun little example of taking care of my teeth has reminded me of why I do what I do as a personal training .

Most of us, for the most part, now how to take care of ourselves, eating healthy, exercise occasionally, try to avoid the things that make us unhealthy, like smoking, drinking etc.

But our efforts are not always enough, we need that extra assistance, that professional advice and care.

This is where fitness professionals can take it to the next level for you, handle that root canal, knock off those tough pounds that wont let go.

Like the dentist who pointed out what exactly needs to be done, We can direct you in the right direction to get you exactly what you want.

No guess work.

No wasted time.

Just to the point and delivering results.

May not be pleasant or pain free….hahaha

But you dont have to question the process or do guess work.

So if you don’t want to drill the wrong tooth, hit us up and let us help you prevent the root canal.

Yours in pain….I mean strength,


P.S. Helping others reach their next level for 6 YEARS! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Saturday March 24th at 12PM!

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