Smashed phone

Pretty sure we have all broke a phone or two…

Smashed this one though, turned it into a custom curve bwahahahahaha

So, last time I backed it up, JUNE 2017.

Not cool on my part.

LOL…but there was still hope.

After spending all kinds of time trying to figure out that CLOUD thing I decided to get help.


Should have started with the HELP.

Would have saved some time and frustration.

I believe we have discussed this before, but I wanted to bring it up again.

I am not a phone, or cloud storage expert.

Not my cup of tea so to speak.

But those tech support smarty pants defiantly are and made life so much better.

Makes me realize we all have our ‘cup of tea’…

Mine here at ASF is your fitness, your strength and giving you that expert advice to understand that fitness CLOUD .

Like the tech advice person did for me, I will do for you.

Make it simple and make it all work.

That’s all we want.

Not to waste time, to get to the point and get results.

Keeping it simple and to the point,


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