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Heather Steele          Chance Allard

Heather Steele


My name is Heather Steele and I truly understand the frustrations of weight loss and weight gain. Before I started ALL STEELE FITNESS I was just another overweight mom who gained and lost weight. The frustrating part for me was that I had been active my entire life playing sports and exercising, so weight gain was foreign to me. But like many of us, life changes as we get older, start a career, and start a family. And as a mom, we tend to put our needs last in order to tackle everything else – and the most important element we leave out is exercise.

So, I decided enough is enough and started training and building a program that worked for me; one that I knew I could fit in my busy schedule, one I would enjoy and be successful with. This was great for awhile,  but I wanted to provide more for my clients and that’s how ALL STEELE FITNESS came to fruition. But before we get into the awesome programs we offer, I want to introduce you to my partner and an amazing trainer in his own right,  Chance Allard.

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Chance Allard


Chance fell in love with sports, health, & fitness at a very young age and played a variety of sports, culminating in a promising college football career.  But the very same sport caused him to be sidelined, not once, but twice when he tore his ACL in both knees within a 2-yr timeframe. The 2nd ACL tear unfortunately and abruptly ended his football career. You can only imagine the devastation Chance felt after devoting his entire life at that point toward being an active, fit and healthy professional athlete….

After the first ACL tear, Chance went from a lean 215 lbs to 280 lbs in just 8 months (that’s a 65 lb. weight gain folks!). Once that injury healed, he lost all the weight he’d gained and returned to the field again. He played successfully for 2 whole seasons before it happened again; this time tearing the ACL in his right knee, but unfortunately this tear was so damaging that it ended his dream of a career in football.

You see, Chance is no different than many others who’ve faced unforeseen and unexpected challenges. Naturally, he became depressed because he could no longer exercise and pursue his love of football, with the inevitable result of weight gain AGAIN. This time, Chance hit the 300 lb mark on the scale!

Graduating college as an obese individual with his education and athletic background made Chance realize “being healthy and fit doesn’t have to be just about sports and performance.” He had all this training and experience and wanted to do something remarkable with it. It is this passion for health and fitness and for helping others that makes Chance such an amazing partner, trainer and individual. Chance takes pride in the lives he positively affects and enjoys seeing clients’ excitement when they have reached their weight loss goals.

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Chance Allard

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