Bosu Spiderman with Band

Bosu Spiderman with Band works mainly the core and the upper body.

Bosu Slider Spiderman

Bodyweight exercise that works mainly the core and the upper body.

Bosu Mountain Climber with Band

Bosu Mountain Climber with Band targets abs and obliques. It also involves chest, shoulder, and tricep.

Bosu Workout

Bosu Jacks – This move is similar to jumping jacks but in a plank position Bosu Kickbacks Bosu cross country

Stability Ball Sit Up

Stability ball oblique crunches and Stability ball wall side crunch can build strength in your pelvis, back, and abdomen.

Stability Ball hamstring curls and windshield wiper

Hamstring curl is an isolation exercise that targets the hamstring muscles. Windshield wiper increases rotational strength and stability throughout the core with an emphasis on the obliques.

Roller Workout

Rollers may help loosen up muscles, allowing more efficient movement during workout and reduce muscle soreness and shorten recovery time after workout. Rolling shouldn’t just be done pre/post workout. There are different exercises that can be performed on the foam roller, such as balance, stability, and core work. Roller Roll Roller Crunches Roller Knee Tucks…

The overall benefits of stretching are indisputable

Glutes Stretch – Your glutes often pay the price make the butt feel sore and cause pain in the lower back, hamstrings, and pelvis. Stretching should be part of your warm-up and cool down routines, Quad Stretch will give you the power up and perk you crave in your day to day.

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