Protein Shake vs. Meal Replacement Shake with All Steele Fitness Trainer

Hey everybody this is Chance and Heather with All Steele Fitness and today we want to go over and address a question that we’re getting a lot from our clients and we have in the past, and we had some questions on our website about the difference between protein shakes and the meal replacement shakes….

How To Add More Protein To Your Meals with a All Steele Fitness Personal Trainer in San Leandro?

Heather: Hello everyone this is Heather and Chance from Today we’re here to tell you a little bit about how to add more protein to your meals. A lot of our clients come to us and say “I need to get more protein what’s the easiest way for me to add some protein?” We’re…

Eating Healthy While Eating Out and Lossing Weight

Hi this is Heather Steele again here at ALL STEELE FITNESS and one of the other things my clients love to eat cannot do without right is a burger. Once and a while you want to have a burger when you go out to eat. So what I recommend when you are going out to…

All Steele Fitness eat out healthy

Hi, this is Heather Steele from ALL STEELE FITNESS and I’m here today to talk to you guys a little bit about eating out and how it’s possible for you to stay on track with your good nutrition, losing weight, and still go out to eat on occasion.

Fat burning nutrition vid 2

San Leandro Bootcamp participants learn how to eat right

Fat Burning Nutrition vid 1

Weight loss challenge trainer tells contestants how to burn belly fat by eating right.