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Why lifting HEAVY and getting stronger is important to you

All Steele Fitness personal trainer goes over why you should incorporate lifting heavy to become more productive in life. Becoming stronger will not only help you in life, but improve self-image and generate a positive life

Client Stories: Why they started training at ALL STEELE FITNESS

ASF clients give their reasons for starting a personal training program at ALL STEELE FITNESS.


All Steele Fitness personal trainer goes over some basics of HIIT training and demonstrates how to keep it simple.

Building Strength with Tempo Training

Reviewing basics of Tempo training and how to benefit from utilizing it in your fitness program.

Why do Cardio? Basics and Benefits of Getting Your Cardio In

All Steele Fitness personal trainer goes over some basics and benefits of getting your cardio in.

ASF Strength Endurance

Being coached on Strength Endurance with demonstration at All Steele Fitness.

All Steele Fitness Personal Trainers Discuss Endurance

Hey how is it going? This is Heather and Chance from All Steele Fitness. Today, we’re talking about endurance; how do we get it, and why is it important, and what are some examples of how to get a little bit more endurance. You’ve probably heard the word endurance or you say to yourself, “I…

How to Foam Roll Mid Back, Upper Back, Shoulders with All Steele Fitness Personal Trainer in San Leandro

Hi! How is it going? This is Heather from All Steele Fitness, and today I am going to show you how to use your foam roller, to roll your mid-back, upper back, and shoulders. This one we call the fun roll because there’s a little bit of pressure on there, but it’s not like painful…

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