Social Distancing and Shelter In Place are affecting everything we do, including how we exercise. There’s nothing stopping you from getting outside. Go for a walk, run or bicycle. At-home workouts may be your best bet for keeping up your fitness and for those of you who like to sweat at home here are some free, no-equipment workouts guaranteed to boost your heart rate.

Most of us think about working out to lose weight, we often assume it means strenuous cardio and strength training at the gym. With the current order “Shelter In Place” you can still lose weight and build muscle in the comfort of your own home or outside with Social Distance.

All Steele Fitness will continuously updating this page for more At Home Workout during “Shelter In Place”. Come back for more Workout Videos and List of exercises you can do at home.

No equipment needed: Push-Ups, Lunges, Squats, Planks, Bent, Single-Leg Hops, Mountain Climbing, High Knee

More advance with equipment: Biceps curls, Lateral raises, Bent Rows, Overhead Press


Bosu Spiderman with Band

Bosu Slider Spiderman

Bosu Slider Spiderman

Bosu Workout

Stability Ball Sit Up

Stability ball hamstring curls and windshield wiper

Band Loop Workout At Home

Band Shoulders Workout At Home

Home Leg Workout

Cobra Stretch

Suicide Pushup

Cross Crunches

Roll Up

Side Plank

Plank Rotation

Bridge Leg Drop


Roller Workout

Workouts you can do at Home

  1. Leg Workouts at Home: No Equipment Needed 
  2. Band Loop Workout At Home

    Improve muscle balance, control and stability by waking up sleeping/under active muscles.

  3. Band Shoulders Workout At Home

    Band work for shoulders will pull in a significant amount of core demand

  4. Cobra Stretch

    Strengthens the muscles of the upper back, stretches the chest and abdominals

  5. Suicide Pushup

    Suicide Pushup works your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core

  6. Cross Crunches

    Bodyweight exercise targeting the ab muscles, the obliques and rectus abdominis

  7. Roll Up

    The roll up exercise helps to strengthen your core, stretches the spine and increases your flexibility.

  8. Side Plank

    Killer core exercise, but planks help tone your shoulders, obliques, and legs from heel to hip.

  9. Plank Rotation

    Twisting in a plank position fires up the core and works those love handles.

  10. Bridge Leg Drop

    The single leg bridge exercise is a great way to isolate and strengthen the gluteus muscles and hamstrings.

  11. The overall benefits of stretching are indisputable

    Stretching should be part of your warm-up and cool down routines

  12. The overall benefits of stretching are indisputable

    Rolling shouldn’t just be done pre/post workout. There are different exercises that can be performed on the foam roller

  13. Stability Ball Sit UpStability ball oblique crunches and Stability ball wall side crunch can build strength in your pelvis, back, and abdomen.
  14. Stability Ball Hamstring curl and windshield wiper
    Windshield wiper increases rotational strength and stability throughout the core with an emphasis on the obliques.
  15. Bosu Workout
    The Bosu ball is a great exercise tool to help improve your strength and stability.


2x + 5 minutes cardio

  1. 40 Skaters
  2. 30 Squat Jumps
  3. 20 Leg Kick / Arm Circles
  4. 40 Alternate Leg Drops
  5. 30 Plank Rotations
  6. 20 Roll-ups
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